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    M. G. Leonard is the best-selling author of children's books such as Beetle Boy, the Adventures on Trains series, and The Twitchers. Her books have been translated into more than forty languages and Beetle Boy is currently in development as a live-action television series. Maya lives in Brighton with her husband, two children and pet beetles. After leaving the music industry, she trained as an actress, dabbling in directing and producing, as well as acting, before becoming a digital producer for Shakespeare's Globe, Royal Opera House, National Theater, and Harry Potter West End.

    Libros del autor/a

    La batalla de los escarabajos, de M. G. Leonard - Reseña

    La archivillana Lucretia Cutter mantiene un laboratorio secreto oculto en la selva amazónica donde lleva a cabo peversos experimentos para apoderarse...

    La reina escarabajo, de M.G. Leonard - Reseña

    La cruel coleccionista de escarabajos. Lucretia Cutter, tiene un maquiavélico plan entre manos. Cuando Darkus, Virginia y Berlolt descubren más evid...

    El chico escarabajo, de M.G. Leonard - Reseña

    Todo comienza con una misteriosa desaparición… El padre de Darkus Cuttle ha desaparecido sin dejar rastro y nadie, ni siquiera la policía, pare...